Halloween Horror Nights 2010 – Updated Website, Clues & Reminiscence Of The Past

Universal Orlando has updated its Halloween Horror Nights website once again!

The site was updated a couple weeks ago coinciding with the commencement of ticket sales. However, the site didn’t really give us an idea of what this year’s Halloween Horror Nights XX (HHN) will bring, since it only showed a generic HHN slideshow page (seen in source code of the site). Today, the website has been changed once again to give us a bit more information and a few clues as to what we can expect at this year’s HHN XX.

Upon entering the Orlando section of the Halloween Horror Nights website, we’re greeted with a message and a flickering lantern. The message states “Get ready for the Ultimate in terror built upon nineteen years worth of goulish creatures and nightmarish frights, as a new era of darkness begins…” This gives us a clue that we can expect the return of old icons along with a whole new theme that will mark the beginning of the “new era” of HHN.

The updated site also provides a link to “look inside Halloween Horror Nights past.” From here, we’re invited to look back at HHN’s beginning in 1991:

  • A look at the Legacy – Early Years tab gives us clues by means of an image list – a reference to classic horror monsters, a new haunted maze, queue introductions, first 3D house, as well as jack the clown and his fearhouse. These references could simply be nostalgic reminders of events from previous years or they could be easter eggs that provide us with a sneak peak of what we can expect to see this year.
  • Under Legacy – Expansions we’re told of the event’s 2002 transition to Island’s of Adventure as well as its span through both parks in 2004. A further look at the pictures in this sections gives us a look at a new haunted house experience, the festival of dead parade, houses expanded, a map of a new world, as well as the introduction of the infamous body collectors.
  • The Legacy – Iconic Era tab gives a look at the beginning of the Iconic Era that started in 2006 and is continuing to the present day. Reflections of icons of the past are shown, starting with the Sweet Sixteen party of four. References to Carnival of Carnage, custom made music for the event, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more scareacters are seen in the reel.
  • Currently the Characters, Environments, and Behind the Screams tab shows a coming soon message, so we can be sure that more clues will begin to surface within the coming weeks.

This refresher course of Halloween Horror Nights tells us that we can expect to see some of the past icons, including a new icon, a re-use of old concepts such as 3D (but obviously in a much more improved fashon), more shows, more scare zones, and an expansion to both parks. That’s right – all this goulish fun can’t fit into one measly park!

In my opinion, the reason we can expect to see these things has to do with the way the site gives us specific information about past HHN events. Think of a director’s job when making a movie: only give the audience a look at the important information and let them come to their own conclusions! I think that we’ve just been presented with clues that pertain to what we can expect to see at this year’s twentieth anniversary Halloween Horror Nights.

Know any rumors about this year HHNXX? Comment below to discuss!

Here’s a look at the e-mail Universal Orlando Resort sent out for the teaser site:

© Copyright Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Jared Keyes says:

    I believe from what TJ Mannarino said that there will be eight houses again at the same places as last year and six scare zones. Hopefully there could be more. I also don’t think it will be in two parks. I know they did it in 2004 which was fun but there was a lot of dead space. Also it just a legal mess to do it at Islands of Adventure. This is what I heard so far. Hopefully there will be more shows this year.

    • lizette says:

      Yea, I agree that it shouldn’t be in both parks also, I think it would end up like Howl-o-scream if that were to happen – like you said a lot of dead space. Although Howl-o-scream does add 1 or 2 characters in the dead space to pop out from bushes which is good for keeping you on your toes. Maybe the reference to the expansion could mean an added scarezone in the Jaws/MIB area deadzone? We’ll see what happens though ;-)

  2. amanda says:

    Personally I enjoyed it being at 2 parks due to the simple fact that it kept the crowds pretty stretched out and the wait times for the houses were no more than 45 minutes. There was just a lot more stuff to do so every body wasn’t crammed into a certain space… and the inside scoop from one of the team members was that there are discussions of 2 parks HOWEVER with the addition of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter it becomes more unlikely that this years even will be a 2 park event.

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